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3 Thoughts on Being Unique

By Jeremiah Terhark | CEO / Founder

Is the goal of your website to blend in with your competition? Probably not.

While it is easy to assume you are different simply because you exist, typically this is not the case. If a prospective customer reviews your website and asks why they should buy your product or service, does your response begin with: “Because we are”… full service, or the oldest, or the largest, or the biggest, or the cheapest?

This response may make you feel unique, but most likely, you have restated what your competition communicated through their website:

1. Do Your Research

Keep a pulse on competition and your industry. If you don’t know what your customers’ choices are, how can you set yourself apart as the best fit? You may be copying someone else without even knowing it.


2. Find Ways to Differentiate

In my ten years of experience, I have learned there are two primary avenues to stand out.

  • Your Product: If you sell something that is one of a kind or exclusive, you already have a head start. No one else does exactly what you do. Pick the two or three elements that you have an competitive advantage with and focus on those key things.
  • Your Website & Marketing: If you sell something that is readily available, such as peanuts, your product isn’t that unique. You need to think about what else makes you different, such as your website/marketing. For example, small businesses often want to focus their website design around making the company seem larger than it really is. Instead, embrace that you are a small business and—when appropriate—inject a little personality and fun into what you do.

Remember: If you or your product can do “everything” there is a good chance the customer won’t have a clear understanding of anything you are offering.


3. Define Your Scope of Differentiation

Most businesses don’t have to be unique compared to the entire world. It’s OK to work to be the “the best in the world” at something… but be realistic to decide the size of your “world”. Your world might be your industry within Des Moines, or the Central Iowa area, or the state of Iowa. If your business is just starting, often the easiest place to start is being unique in your local area such as Grimes, Urbandale, etc or general area of Des Moines first. Pick your scope and then worry about plans for world domination later.

A word of encouragement in closing: Your company is already unique or you probably wouldn’t still be in business. When you are working to differentiate with your website design or business, take some time to talk to your current customers to find out why they think you are special. It will make you feel good and may spark that creativity needed to take action!

Jeremiah Terhark

With a talent for technology and entrepreneurial spirit, Jeremiah founded Webspec Design in the fall of 2000. He is passionate about marketing online and working closely with clients to see their goals achieved. Jeremiah focuses his energies on managing upcoming website projects, interacting with clients, and programming. He graduated from Evangel University with degrees in accounting and political science. When not working, he and his wife enjoy doing activities with their four children.