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Four Benefits of Starting a Company Blog

By The Webspec Crew | Around the Office

Blogging is fun. And blogging about blogging is especially fun! Company blogs are a great way to promote your business, because they can be very affordable if you already have an existing website. At Webspec, the design and development time investment to create a custom blog post feature on your site is minimal compared to the benefits you may see. Once the blog feature is created, the only thing you’re giving up is your time to write the blogs (or your money to pay your content marketer). Starting a company blog can help you connect with customers and grow your business by telling your story and promoting your brand and services. The result? Increased website traffic, leads, and higher search engine rankings.

Drive Valuable Traffic to Your Website

Successful business blogs have developed a company voice that encourages readers to come back week after week for their great content. Posting your blogs to your social channels will make them visible to your followers and direct users to your website. If users like what you have to say, they might be interested in pursuing your services.

Remember that if you start a blog, stick with it. Just because you aren’t seeing immediate results, such as a spike in website visitors or leads, that doesn’t mean your blog isn’t working. The process can take some time to show results. It’s important to be patient, and continue to write consistent, quality content.

Share Your Culture

Your blog gives your company a voice. You can express yourself by sharing ideas, thoughts and activities that are going on. If your employees attend a fun networking event, blog about it! Showcasing the faces behind the business and all the fun ways you work together as a team will make people want to pursue your services because of what your business stands for. It’s important to show your clients what you’re all about, beyond the technical work stuff, and let your company’s personality shine. There’s no better place on your website to do just that than on your blog.

Attract New Leads

One benefit of driving traffic to your website with a blog is that it can attract new leads. If your blog is about the latest and greatest web design trends in your industry, add a call to action at the bottom of your blog post letting readers know that you specialize in website design and development. According to HubSpot, targeted calls-to-action convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

When you’re choosing a blog topic, don’t be a follower. Try choosing a topic that your competitors haven’t blogged about. No one likes reading the same stuff over and over again, so be original and get creative. If your content is interesting, personable and relatable, you’ll pull the reader in and they won’t stop reading. That interest in your blog could translate to interest in your company — then voila, you’ve got a new lead!

Search Engines Love Blogs

Google likes new, fresh content. High search engine rankings are valuable, and blogs can help you achieve them. Frequently posting blogs will alert search engines that there’s new, valuable content on your website, helping to increase SEO and overall page rankings. Your readers benefit from getting new, interesting content to read, and you move higher up the search queues. It’s a win-win.

Content Marketing Services in Des Moines

The internet is the way of the world. Users go online for an answer to the most simple questions. To get started with your company blog, choose a subject matter that is relevant to your industry, and spark interest by writing about the trendiest topics. Once you start posting, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. When your blog gets off the ground (or the 4th page of Google results) you’ll begin seeing leads and increased traction to your website. If you’re interested in starting a blog but aren’t sure where to start, contact us to learn about our content marketing services.

The Webspec Crew

Webspec Design has an industry-leading team of web designers, web & software developers, content writers, SEO strategists, project managers and marketing staff based in Des Moines, Iowa. We hire the best and brightest to develop creative web design solutions and deliver your business unparalleled results. After fifteen years, hundreds of web design and development projects, and many software development projects, we are proud of our reputation for service.