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Webspec Wranglings: November 2016

By The Webspec Crew | Around the Office

November felt long to us. Did it feel long to you? We were busy preparing for our version of Thanksgiving, learning to appreciate fisheye lenses, and getting to know our digital marketing team even better. Between doing all of that, we still found the time to sit down and enjoy a good, old fashioned hot cocoa party in the gathering space we now call “The Parlor.” After all, it’s important to take the time to stop and smell the chocolate!

Take Your Email Marketing Further

Our marketing director, Alex Karei, wears a lot of hats around here. Being responsible for every internal marketing campaign also means analyzing any and all data from those campaigns. Without organizing and understanding that data, marketing efforts are pointless. While marketing differs from one company to the next, from her travels Alex knows many companies will use email marketing at some point, so she broke down exactly what to think about before starting your next campaign in “Marketing Analytics: Email with a Purpose.”


Getting to Know Our Clients

We aren’t afraid to get a little dirty for our clients. Photographer, Katelyn and designer, Steph spent a day with Seamus Excavating getting photos and video for their site this month. It was a day full of learning too; Steph discovered how much she enjoyed the fisheye lens on Katelyn’s camera and Katelyn learned the difference between excavation and trenching!

What a beautiful day for a photo shoot! 📸 #iowaweather #welltakeit 🌞

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How Well Do You Know the Digital Marketing Team?

As close as we are as a crew, we could always learn something about each other. Sure, we know there are a few volleyball stars here, but do we know what positions are played? We know someone watches “Sons of Anarchy,” but is there (potentially) more to that story? It’s time for another round of “How Well Do You Know”—this time featuring some of the digital marketing team.

The Webspecgiving Recipe Book

Our rew includes a lot of excellent bakers and cooks, which is nifty when Webspecgiving comes around each year. On the Friday before Thanksgiving, we get together as a team to celebrate with a potluck lunch. This year, we decided to open the Webspecgiving Recipe Book and share the best of the best with you. Keep in mind, these recipes aren’t just for Thanksgiving and with even more holidays coming up, feel free to download our recipe cards ASAP!


Best in Business Services

We were honored to be named “Best in Class” by members of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce this month. After calling Urbandale home for the past decade, neighbors have turned into friends and we could not be happier to be part of this beautiful city. Click here to read some of the reasons we love the city of Urbandale. Thank you again, Urbandale, for voting us “Best in Business Services!” We’ll continue to strive to make you proud.

Webspec founder and owner, Jeremiah Terhark with the Chamber’s 2017 Chair, Lori Gelhaar.

Webspec founder and owner, Jeremiah Terhark with the Chamber’s 2017 Chair, Lori Gelhaar.

Slack Yack


anna: Yay! I actually get to attend this social!

aaron: Do we get an actual peppermint stick and whipped cream or is this just a marketing gimmick used to draw us in?

breanna: Pretty sure we have red straws! Not a marketing gimmick!

bree: Hot cocoa, marshmallows, and straws provided. Whipped cream and mugs not provided, but if anyone wants to bring them, YOU CAN. OKAY?


anna: That is the best GIF.

bree: @anna, the follow-up:


anna: YAAASSS!!!

laura: Ben is boyfriend goals.

bree: We cannot forget #AprilAndAndy #RelationshipGoals #OnlyUsingParksAndRecGifsNowAndForever




The Webspec Crew

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