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Oiling and Restarting Your Marketing Machine

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Are your once crisp and fresh marketing methods feeling a little stale? Does your marketing team show up to meetings looking like they’ve just sat through the entire Nicolas Cage filmography? Are you sick and tired of rehashing your marketing strategy only to see no progress? Most businesses experience this at some point, so here are a few ways we can pick ourselves back up again and kickstart your marketing machine.


Rally your People

If all of your marketing strategy meetings start feeling like a broken record, it might be time to throw down the notebooks and re-energize. What does this mean for your team? For those of us here at Webspec, it might mean swinging the doors open for more canine companions to visit. It could mean having a food day at work and brainstorming over snacks. Whatever it is for you and your team, the focus should be on getting out of that everyday rhythm to find new energy and rediscover your creative juices so you can bring that energy back into your marketing ideas.

Revisit your Goals

Once you’ve had your fun, it’s time to turn the dance music down and get back to work. Oftentimes, marketing teams find themselves running the same races over and over again, getting stuck in a rut after a while because “that’s how we’ve always done it.” We’ll use the same social media tactics, post at the same times, send out a newsletter that sounds strikingly similar to the last, and then wonder why our audience (and us, for that matter) is unresponsive. Let’s take a look again at our goals.

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Is one of your goals to sell massage services to elderly dogs? You probably aren’t getting many wagging tails showing up at your door from your latest ad at the Kitty Salon. Ask your team the question, how is this strategy connecting to this goal? You could be unknowingly missing your target audience all together. Have you only exercised your online presence? Snag a seat in the physical realm of life. Take your advertisements to the dog parks. The purpose here is to revisit old goals and reorient them in new ways.

Utilize Brand Ambassadors

Did you know you have a street marketing team at your disposal? If you’re a local business, who better to spread the word to new clients than your previous and happily satisfied customers? That doctor that you’ve provided home improvement services to? Ask him to pass around a few flyers in his waiting room. A word-of-mouth recommendation goes a long way. In fact, the American Marketing Association found that 62 percent of marketing executives believe that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing. So use that arsenal of loyalty you’ve already worked so hard to build up, and watch your numbers expand.

Take Risks

While your newly rejuvenated creative juices are still flowing, brainstorm things your team has never tried before—both big and small. For your dog massage business, maybe that means sponsoring an annual Doggy Paddle at the local swimming pool. Maybe it means trying out a giveaway via social media or funneling a few more ad dollars into boosting your social media content. It could even mean travelling out of town to a new community for recognition. Whatever you decide to try, dive in! You may be surprised at the results.


Are you Outdated?

Maybe after a long day of dog massaging, marketing team meetings, and brainstorm sessions, you come to realize that your brand is simply outdated and is having trouble reaching your target customers. You’re still using the same logo you designed with Clipart 15 years ago, and your social media is so untouched that you can’t remember the password. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! Webspec Design would be happy to help.

What strategies does your company use to refresh your marketing? Let us know in the comments!